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03 Авг, 01:35
Hi, 4chan. I'm broke. I no longer believe in anything. I hate all the people including my favorite girl. Already the former.
You may be wondering why. But I'm not going to tell you. Because you and I also hate.
The only thing I have left of humane - nothing.
I hate myself. I want to hurt his suicide all at once, but to me they are just faster and easier to get off. Dvach, I want to kill.
Knife. Slowly cut some sort of stomach aunt for 40. Then on his neck. And while she jerks I will thrust hundred blows to the hand will get, because I hate when someone is resisting the inevitable.
Dvach. Help me. I do not want to be caught. I do not want to get into even more ass than it is now.
How to avoid punishment - do not commit crimes.
Dvach how to return the belief that there are things which can and should aspire to. In fact, you can not hate all these freaks around.

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